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Teich Bird Reserve is a protected nature reserve, managed with a view to attracting wild birds so that they can be seen at closer quarters by the public.

Teich Bird Reserve

110 hectares of wooded areas, reed beds, meadows, saltmarsh and water stretch out between the mainland sector right up to the coastline of the Arcachon Basin. This wide variety of the mainland sector right up to the coastline of the Arcachon Basin. This wide variety of natural habitats is suitable for many different bird species, which will either make these areas their permanent home or alternatively, a temporary resting place.  The birds found here are entirely wild and behave in exactly the same way that they would outside of the reserve’s boundaries. They are not given additional food or kept in a semi-captive state. Some of them, used to the discreet presence of members of the public, allow humans to come much closer than would be the case outside the reserve. However, they remain just as alert to any sudden movement or perceived threat. 318 species and sub-species have been seen here since 1972, with 88 species having bred on the reserve at one time or another. The role played by the reserve in the conservation of some rarer species is recognized as being of international significance.

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Réserve du Teich  @ro_teich
Pouillot à grand sourcil ce matin à l'entrée de la réserve. Une bonne entrée en matière... #Orniteich 
Réserve du Teich  @ro_teich
Pêche collective de 700 Cormorans au lever du jour, les mules se planquent ! #Orniteich http://t.co/Fmg2tEbCIw 
Réserve du Teich  @ro_teich
760 Grand Cormoran (Cormorant) en face du N°7 à 10h, un regroupement de pêcheurs communautaires qui fait sa pose matinale...#Orniteich 
Réserve du Teich  @ro_teich
16 Bihoreau gris (Night Heron) au lever du dortoir ce matin, à voir depuis le N°20. #Orniteich