Our advice to enjoy your visit


Taking into account tidal movement, seasonal peculiarities and our knowledge of bird behavior, we establish for the current year a schedule of the most favorable times for the visite.

However, other unpredictable variables (meteorology, disturbances, …) do not allow us to guarantee the presence of birds at the day and time of your arrival.

However, never forget that it is necessary to have 3 to 4 hours to “go around” the Teich Ornithological Reserve, and that the closing schedule is always respected.

Law and regulations

Code of conduct

The reserve is not an amusement park. As a result, visitors are asked to treat the reserve with respect, both for the benefit of the birds, which are easily disturbed by unexpected noise or disruptive behaviour, and for other visitors, who have sometimes travelled hundreds of miles to come here.

With this in mind, running, ball games, shouting and speaking loudly in the viewing points and hides are forbidden for the benefit of allVisitors must stay on the path at all times. It is strictly forbidden to pick plants, flowers or collect other organic material (blackberries, mushrooms), or use audio equipment in order to play music or recordings of birdsong.

Failure to respect any one of these common courtesies may lead to the immediate expulsion of the offending parties by the reserve staff.

Keeping noise down to a minimum and remaining patient and alert at all times will help you make the most of your visit and is the best way of showing respect to your fellow visitors.


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