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On 20 January 2019 , published in Monitoring programs News

You can help us to find out more about the birdlife (and other wildlife) found on the reserve by reporting the sightings you make on your visits to the reserve. Sightings may be reported online on the following website:  All our sightings are regularly downloaded onto this database and your reports will constitute a useful addition. It’s very easy to sign up to and use this website. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Aquitaine region or not, you can use this site to record any wildlife sightings you make in the region. By doing this, you’re adding to our knowledge of our natural heritage In the various viewing points/hides you will see a detailed description of where you currently are in relation to the various named areas in the reserve. It’s best to establish the exact location of your sightings in relation to the nearest named area, not forgetting to record the time of sightings, which is very important, as it allows the tidal cycle to be taken into account.

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