Laws and regulation

Règlement intérieur

Extracts from the revised municipal by-law of March 27th 1996

Teich Bird Reserve is open between 10am and 6pm all year round, except for December 25th. Extensions to these opening times may be permitted during the summer season or for the benefit of Teich Bird Reserve pass holders. In this case, the extended opening hours will be displayed at the main reception.
Given the length of time needed to complete the entire circuit, last admission to the Teich Bird Reserve will be 1 hour 30 minutes before the scheduled closing time.

There is an admission charge in order to gain access to the Teich Bird Reserve, payable by both individual visitors and groups. The entry prices are displayed in the ticket office. Tickets must be retained for the entire duration of your visit.

All visitors are asked to treat the facilities provided for the general public’s use with respect.
This is particularly the case with respect to :

– the toilets,
– the viewing stations and any equipment or facilities connected with the viewing points,
– the information panels and other signposting.

Visitors must not cause any kind of damage to vegetation or trees. It is strictly forbidden to pick plants or flowers or gather fungi, berries or other fruit.

The Teich Bird Reserve should be kept entirely litter-free at all times. Paper tissues and other kinds of litter are to be placed in the waste bins provided for your convenience rather than being discarded on the pathways or in the viewing stations.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Teich Bird Reserve, even if kept on a leash. However, trained assistance dogs for blind or partially sighted people are exempt from this rule. These dogs must be kept on a very tight leash.

Disturbance to birds and visitors is to be kept to a minimum. It is therefore strictly forbidden to :

– use any kind of equipment or technique designed to broadcast/mimic birdsong or bird calls for the purpose of attracting birds,
– capture, frighten, alarm or wilfully cause a disturbance to birds or other wild creatures,
– use transistor radios, mobile phones or portable media players to broadcast music that is audible to others,
– leave the marked pathways (only Teich Bird Reserve employees are allowed to leave the pathways, in order to perform maintenance work),
– throw objects of any kind or play ball games,
– shout or sing loudly.

The use of motor vehicles and bicycles is not allowed within the confines of the Teich Bird Reserve. These prohibitions do not apply to reserve employees or to members of the police, fire service or other law enforcement agencies.

It is expressly forbidden to light fires within the boundaries of the Teich Bird Reserve or to smoke in the roofed viewing stations.

It is formally forbidden to enter the Teich Bird Reserve for the purpose of selling or advertising any kind of product or service. Authorization to carry out any kind of commercial activity may only be obtained directly from the local municipal authorities.

Users of the Teich Bird Reserve’s free car park do so at their own risk. Users are advised to make sure they leave no items of value in their vehicles.

The relevant authorized personnel have the right to :

– check that visitors are in possession of a valid ticket orTeich Bird Reserve pass,
– check the contents of any large-capacity bag/container brought into the Teich Bird Reserve by visitors,
– draw attention to any contravention of these by-laws and regulations and take the necessary action to enforce their observance.

The Police Municipale is responsible for enforcing these by-laws and regulations. Authorized Teich Bird Reserve personnel are also within their rights to expel, with immediate effect, any person or persons who are in violation of any of these by-laws and regulations. No refunds will be offered under these circumstances and the reserve personnel will, if necessary, contact the police.
In the event of damage to equipment, buildings or any other act of vandalism, the Teich Bird Reserve reserves the right to take legal action against the offending party or parties.


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